Application Kata "Newsletter distribution list"

Develop an application to manage recipients of email newsletters [1].

At least the email address should be recorded for each recipient. Optionally also first name, surname, gender and potentially several tags [2].

There should be an input help for the tags. The number of tags is potentially large and it is not possible to remember them all. Misspellings should be avoided so that categories are not created unintentionally.

As soon as the email address is entered for a new recipient, the application should immediately search for any existing entry and load its data. These can then be corrected or supplemented. This avoids duplicates.

Subsets can be selected from all recipients using the email address, name, tags or a time period (based on entry or change). Entries can be deleted or edited.

The export of recipients as a distribution list for a newsletter also takes place via these selections. Export to a text file (CSV) or to the clipboard.


[1] The newsletter is sent using a service such as MailChimp ( is sent. However, maintaining the recipients there is not so convenient. They come from many sources, e.g. business cards, email inquiries, seminar participants, etc. Therefore, they should be recorded in a tool and imported into the newsletter service if required.

[2] The tags can stand for sources (Where does the recipient come from?) or for newsletters to which they are to be assigned (e.g. "Monthly newsletter", "Newsletter on the topic of mobile"), or for other thematic categories (e.g. language, region, area of interest).