Architecture Kata "Canteen jam detector"

Develop an application with which employees in a company can find out how the "check-in flow" is in the canteen.

Where hundreds of people share a canteen, the question arises every lunchtime as to the best time to eat. There are patterns - it's empty before 12 noon - but these can also be disrupted by special circumstances such as vacation periods, training sessions or visitors to the plant. It would therefore be useful to get a quick overview of how the "canteen traffic" is currently developing.

The display of the "handling flow" could take the form of a curve that shows how the flow changes. Time passes on the X-axis, the Y-axis represents a value to be measured. It could also be divided into green, yellow and red areas to show whether there is flow or congestion in the canteen.

It is probably easiest if the "canteen fill level" can be queried via a browser.

The throughput at the canteen tills could serve as a benchmark. The more employees have their meals accounted for per unit of time, the greater the rush. Although the value lags behind the rush at the food counter, it is comparatively easy to measure.

Alternatively, employees could send a signal when they leave for the canteen. This could also be done via a website or smartphone app. The number of people leaving could be added to the signal as a date. The disadvantage of this metric is that it requires activity. But perhaps the motivation to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam is so high that everyone is happy to contribute to making the "canteen fill level" measurable and displayable with a signal.

However, users of the application can also be notified on their smartphone. If they set a threshold value, they are informed as soon as the "load" on the canteen falls below this value. This is particularly useful if they have not managed to go to lunch early.